Sunday, August 22, 2010

Upgrade Time

I have heard many people talk about women who are pregnant start "nesting" towards the end of their pregnancy. Well, its happened to me and we are in full swing! Last month the project was Emma’s bathroom, we painted it pink and yellow and put up coordinating bathroom accessories and d├ęcor. It ended up looking so nice that it inspired Jonathan to want to give our bathroom a complete makeover. Seeing as I'm the one who is home all day and am the one who cleans it, I rejoiced when I heard that HE wanted to upgrade it! I also think its part of making your house a home and shows that a woman is enjoying her vocation when she wants to upgrade her home. At least I know for me I want to take care of something better when it looks nice, I know it sounds carnal but its just the truth! I just have to make sure I do it all within reason of our family budget.

Friday night we started with going to home depot and getting the paint we needed for our bathroom. Of course, going to home depot is always a dangerous thing. We always end up getting one too many good ideas for ways to upgrade the house. This time we had the brainwave that wainscoting and a crown molding would look really nice in our bathroom too! That’s what ends up happening when your husband works for a company who remodels casinos, casinos don’t spare one cent on a remodel. O well, at least he has good ideas on how to make it look classy! Anyway, we went home and began the painting process in our bathroom. Saturday afternoon we went and got everything else we needed to complete the project. I always like spending Saturdays doing projects, it gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week, plus it’s a great way to spend a weekend with your husband.
Saturday night came to fast and we had to stop, we were both exhausted, Jonathan really was because he woke up at 3:00 a.m. to go fishing. Sunday after church we finished the project and now our bathroom looks like something you would see in a magazine! What a wonderful husband, he cares for me so much that he spent his weekend creating comfortable place for me to be when I have our new baby in only 26 days! Here are the before and after pictures.

So it begins.

Emma was helpin too!

Maybe a little too much help?

Work, Work, Work!

The start of the wainscoting.

Close-up of the crown molding

A view of the almost finished project!!!


  1. I like the "J" and the "M" on the little house in Emma's mural masterpiece.
    (My, she's getting good at her letters!)

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  3. Looks nice! Maybe Jonathan can help Daniel in our baby room!

  4. Kaylee: Im sure her would love to help you just might have to be after our baby comes. I got my scheduled date 7:30 am on the 17th, YEAH for me only 25 days

  5. That's very exciting! I'll try not to be too jealous.

  6. Looks good - just called Daniel in to check it know what that means :)