Thursday, August 19, 2010

So Sweet In Vintage

The dress that Emma is wearing in these pictures used to be mine when I was a little girl. The brand of it is "Shirley Temple”, such a coincidence that Emma has the curly hair to match! I just think that all the pictures you see of girls from the mid 1900’s are so sweet, all the dresses they wear are too adorable for words. Believe it or not, it actually even makes me consider the idea of learning to sew, (notice I said “CONSIDER”). Anyway I wanted to get her picture taken it so that she looked like she stepped right out of the 1940’s. Our friend Naomi is so kind, she took us to this beautiful garden where we took the picture, then she spent the time color correcting the pictures to make them look even more old fashion. Here a few of the pictures we took that day, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.

Oh so vintage!

I love her face in this pic.

She likes her cousin Andrew

Doesn't this look those cards you see now a days?

Dont be tricked by the pose!

My sweet little girl.

I couldnt believe she knew how to stand like this.

She is always asks to wear a dress so she can dance and twirl!


  1. Wow, Molly, I hope you don't mind us taking a peak at your blog. Thank you so much. He has done Great Things! Halleluia!
    Kathy Hicks

  2. I really like your new quote for the month. Naomi did a great job on those pictures :)

  3. "Just the girls twirl cause they have pretty dresses - Not the Boys."

    Aren't they nice!

    That garden looks like a beatiful place to do a video shoot.


  4. Very sweet pictures. Can't wait until our new babes can take some together! The Lord is very good to us.

  5. Kathy: No problem at all,I want you to see it. Yes He has done wonderful things!!!

    Christal: I like the quote to i though the pic was a left handed way of saying how we make our husbands enjoy coming home.

    Jane: Yes great place for a video shoot, wish you could see the whole thing

    "Mert": I know it is to exciting!!! can hardly wait