Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Money Savin Mothers

Lately I have started shopping at Michaels Meats. My best friend Kaylee told me about this great spot. Her husband Daniel has been buying all of their meat there He is a meat lover and a grill master! Anyway they don’t only sell meat, they also have a great produce stand outside as well as their fresh, amazing salsas. I wanted to let everyone know about this place because of the
If you like fresh fruit, great veggies and low prices on great cuts of meat, this is the place to shop. One of the great cuts of meat Jonathan and I really like is the California Carne Asada, If your family likes Mexican for dinner, you have got to try this out, and don’t forget the salsa to go with it. Michaels Meats is located on Martin Way just before you get to Costco. (I'm not quite sure of the address.) O and did I mention the “Value Packs” you get in the mail every week that we all normally just throw away? Well DON'T ! There is a coupon inside that reads, "Spend $20 at Michael’s Meats and get a free pound of ground beef". (Or sometimes a rib eye steak - the free bee changes every week.) So ladies, let’s make our husbands happy and keep the savings in the bill!!!


  1. Thanks for the tip, Molly :) I guess I could bring a little ice chest down sometimes and stock up.

  2. We agree that Michael's Meats is a great find! The butchers will also put their signature rub on cuts of meat for you if you request it. Nate really likes the grainfed rib-eye with the rub. It's so tender all the way through the steak!

  3. Thanks Molly! Will have to try it out. Pam K

  4. Thanks for the tip! I have been trying to find someplace that has good beef without extra hormones that doesn't cost a fortune since we ran out from what our in laws sold us. I will try this out.