Sunday, August 29, 2010

19 Days and Counting!!!

Here is the latest on the baby bump!!! I am definitely at the point of discomfort, any normal daily task has become a mountain to climb. Take eating for instance-it’s supposed to be enjoyable and you should look forward to your meals; for me right now, every time I eat it hurts so I can’t eat very much, which results in being hungry all the time! Then there’s the matter of sleep--getting comfortable is nearly impossible. If I didn’t take a sleeping pill I don’t think I could catch a wink.

Being pregnant has definitely given me a new appreciation for my mom and any mother out there who has gone through this any amount of times. I also think God has given us scriptures to comfort us at times like these. This is the one that has helped me: But women will be saved through childbearing--if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety. 1 Timothy 2:15

Yesterday Jonathan took me to Babies-R-Us and we bought all the last little necessities for our baby. Picking out all the blankets and lil outfits was so much fun and made having a baby seem more real and exciting to me. We still have not come up with a name for her but Jonathan says we will know it when we see her! I can hardly wait to see her little face and hold her on the other side. I will keep everyone updated as it gets closer. Please pray for the peace of our household, if you’ve had any children you probably know why I’m asking for prayer!

The bump looks smaller with a sweat shirt on.

Dont worry, here is the real size! only 3 weeks away


  1. You are glowing. Can't wait to see our little niece, cousin. Love you, Christal

  2. I really like the scripture you posted above. Crosses come into our vocations in many forms and I have decided that being pregnant is not that bad of one despite all the sleepless nights, uncomfortable days, general irritableness and trying to care for other children as well. There could be much harder crosses! Plus we get something very wonderful to show for it in the end. I'm due tomorrow:) We'll see what happens, probably an induction.

  3. I'm very excited and happy for you!!!! :)

  4. Hi Molls,

    Haven't check your page in a while so I'm a little behind. Sounds Like things are coming together in your little house. Isn't it funny how motherhood is something that nobody could explain to you and you can't really explain to anyone who hasn't been there and done that, but for those of us who have experienced it, everything you write makes perfect sense. In light of your scripture, I was talking to one of our pastors and I'll never forget what he told me about that particular scripture... A women is saved through childbearing and that does not end after delivery, it has just begun! I know you have probably seen this with Emma. We have a very high calling on our lives as mothers and wives. Bless you today and know that our family is praying for all of you.


  5. Molly - I thoroughly enjoy looking at your blog. It is a blessing from God to be a grandparent watching her children enjoy their children. The simple 'family times' you are having and enjoying with Jonathan and Emma are part of what it means to create memories for your children and to build a marriage. Storge is a very vital and important part of life. Now that our children are grown, they often speak of our simple 'family times' as some of their fondest memories. Playing catch or football with Dad in the evenings after dinner, bike rides or walks on the trail, Canada vacations, camping, Ocean Shores getaways, 'pizza night'. God has blessed us with the healing Word of the Gospel, and has given us back creation to enjoy because of the finished work of Christ on the Cross and the forgiveness He has purchased for us.