Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Special Fort From Uncle Dave

Yesterday while Jonathan and I were working on our bathroom project, Emma spent most of the day playing at the waters. Uncle Dave built her a fort, he was scoring big points with Emma! She is a girl that loves building forts, even when we are at the store, if I let her out of the cart she will try to find ways to make forts there. This was a perfect fort for her. He found a cardboard box and cut windows and a door in it to make it look like a little house. She played in it all day and never wanted to come home. Emma loves her Uncle Dave, this was a special was a special day at the Waters.

This is the amazing fort!


She likes to play with Crystal



  1. Very Cute! Ver and I always used to make forts like that- I think all kids need to get out and learn to build forts!- BTW, congrats on the date set- we are definitely praying for you