Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Moments Like That

Last week Jonathan and I took Emma to the Thurston County Fair. Emma is a girl who loves animals, so this was the perfect place for her. We got to see "horsies", cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Out of all the animals Emma definitely liked the horses the best. She surprised her daddy and me by going on the roller coaster and other rides - such a brave little girl! It's always fun going on outings like these and making memories. Although, I would have to say, it probably would have been a lot more enjoyable walking around the exhibits, in the 85 degree heat, if I wasn't 8 months pregnant. Nevertheless, we had an enjoyable evening with daddy.

This was the first horse she got to see!!!

Here she is on the roller coaster with daddy, She was a little hesitant at first, but when daddy shouted out "woo hoo!" she echoed rather reluctantly. By the end she was smiling with her hands in the air!!!

She went on this one all by herself.

We went around the carousel 5 times, daddy was dizzy by the end.

I love her face here. One of her favorite treats is shave ice.


  1. I love the last picture of Emma! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Good job Emma Grace!! were so brave :)
    Autie Christal