Monday, August 23, 2010

Deliverance Is Nigh

Its official, I have my induction date set! Baby Krawczyk Two will be arriving on September 17, 2010. This means that she will be arriving 3 weeks earlier than her due date. For those of you who dont know, I have to be induced early because of my thyroid cancer. The doctors want to do the next surgery on my neck about 3 weeks after the baby is born. Unless they do an ultrasound and can't find any new lumps on the right side of my thyroid, we will re-shcedule the surgery for a later date. Since I have been pregnant the doctors have tested my blood for the cancer and have done a couple ultrasounds looking for any new growth. As of now they still can't find a trace of the cancer in my blood or any new lumps anywhere on my neck, PRAISE THE LORD! We are praying every day asking the Lord that the baby is born healthy and that the doctors dont find anymore cancer once she is born. So I ask all of you to please keep me and the baby in your thoughts and prayers.
With men this is impossible; but with God all things are posible
Matthew 19:26


  1. What good news! I just wandered over from the Waters home (blog):) I WILL be praying for you and the baby, Molly. I'm thankful that the Lord has each of us in His hands - nothing can snatch you away from Him!
    I really like the pictures of Emma. Some of her "poses" really remind me of Danielle :)
    Bless you, Molly. I'm praying that God will grant you much peace in these weeks of waiting!
    -Sarah Taylor

  2. Hi Molls,
    I heard you started a blog and have wanted to check it out for some time, but my computer time is almost never. As you know, we are here on our famly vaca and I seized my opportunity while the boys are actually sleeping in. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your posts. I felt like I just sat there with you and we had a great conversation! I am very excited about your new baby girl! Now we both we will have two wonderful children. God is so good to us and I am looking forward to what he has for us. well, I have alot more to say, but I hear Matthew crying in the monitor got to go now... I am praying for you and your growing family.


  3. I'm very excited for you, Molly and will be praying that all goes well. My due date is a week from now and I'm on pins and needles wondering if this one will be early or late (I've had it both ways.) Anyway, I'm excited that our girls will be born so close together and am enjoying any time that our families can be together. P.S. Really enjoyed the BBQ the other night. :)
    P.S. I also am "nesting" and decided that the baby room should be pink and brown now since I know for sure it's a girl (It is a light green now since Jack was a baby.)

    In Our Prayers, Joel and Letha Hicks and Family

  4. Sarah: Glad u stumbled upon my blog, Thank you for the prayers. Its hard to choose what pictures of Emma to post they are all so sweet.

    Joanna: When I was reading your comment this morning your mom was over helping me clean my house, what a blessing I dont deserve. I know what you mean though about reading my blog seems like we are havin a conversation, thats how I feel when people post a comment! Well enjoy the rest of you vacation.

    Letha: I can imagine how u must feel Im so glad i dont have to wait till I am as far as you to have this babe (not to rub it in). Thanks for your prayers, we will need them. Love you