Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Worth the drive!

Yesterday I took the girls up to visit our friends Joanna David and Matthew. I was so glad we just decided to get in the car and go, the drive wasn't far at all. I had a great time visiting with Joanna, talking and exchanging great motherly tips and stories. Emma and David had a great time playing together, Emma was having fun being a boy and playing swords! We also got to walk over and visit Letha, Christal, all their kids and John and Kathy. It was so great seeing everyone in their little village. These kind of trips make me realize how fortunate we are to have so many friends and how great it is that we are SO different from the world in the way we live.

Because Jonathan was gone on a business trip for the night we were able to stay till about 6:30 and Joanna prepared a delicious dinner for us. After we got home I decided we need to go up and visit much more often.

I cant believe we both have two children, WOW!

Emma and David were singing on the stage.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A picture is worth 1,000 words

We have all heard the saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. Well this picture below brought so many things to my mind that I figured I would just say this about it. FORGIVENESS OPENS THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE. Where would I be without the blood of the lamb that covers and cleanses my sin. My girls bring so much joy into my life, more then words could explain. All I can say is God had way beyond what I could have ever imagined. What I meant for evil God meant for good. Well I will leave it at that and let you post what comes to your mind.

Why not enoy it?

Every morning when Emma wakes up the first thing she wants to do is put on her princess dress, high heels and crown. Usually I tell her no because I know its gonna be a mess and inconvenience me. This morning I thought, what is wrong with her wanting to dress-up? She is just being a sweet little girl. Why wouldn’t I want to enjoy her and get into it with her? She is only gonna be 3 once in her life. Through this small little example the Lord was showing me that my girls are what I am doing. I want Emma to know that and see me really doing it after all she doesn’t have toys to look at they are for her to play with- Sometimes I forget that and think she has toys so that her room looks cute, what a mother. Anyway I am learning to enjoy her and her “Emmaness”. It also makes her have a sweeter attitude towards me when she knows my heart is there with her.

This is the get-up she wears every morning!

She loves to have sausage for breakfast. I love the bedhead!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dresses by BellaJean

Lately I ordered some very sweet vintage dress patterns for Emma. Victoria and Veronica, who are some of our good friends, have made Emma a couple different dresses. They also have been teaching Crystal, Emma’s cousin to sew. She made Emma the apple jumper for her birthday. We are very thankful and fortunate to have such sweet girls as our friends. Thank you Victoria and Veronica!

This dress is a mix, a vintage pattern with two coordinating corduroy fabrics.

Love her smile!

Sweet Emma

If you know Emma, this is such a typical face!

Emma has so much fun playing with her cousin Andrew!

She can almost play hopscotch

Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing Dress-up

Yes, Madelym enjoys dressing up just like her big sister emma!

My little couture baby!

Moments with Maddie

Madelyn is such a joy in my life, I have been enjoying the past 3 weeks with her so much. Even though the nights can be very exhausting I am enjoying every moment with her. Sometimes she decides she wants to be wide awake in the middle of the night and I just sit there and stare into her beautiful blue eyes. I wish she could stay a newborn for much longer she will, babies grow up way to fast. This is why it’s so important to me to treasure every moment with her and try to remember that she is the most important thing I have to do at this time, as if it’s hard to spend time with such an adorable baby girl.

Maddie's feet are one of my favorite things to look at, I love how tiny her little toes are! It’s so sweet to watch Emma interact with her to. Sometimes she gets a lil carried away in her kisses for her baby sister or starts to help mommy a little too much, but still she is very sweet. I also enjoy bath time with Madelyn, it’s so cute to see their tiny little selves all naked. Most of all I love nursing her and having that special bonding time with her that nobody else can! Babies should always feel that closeness and warmth of their momma and know she isn’t goin anywhere and will always be there for them. God has truly blessed me beyond what I deserve.

My little sweetheart
Our Maddie girl

Her tiny feet in my hand!

We cant believe how much she looks like her cousin Ruby

This is her puppy from Grandma O'Connor

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our trip to the cider mill

Yesterday we took our first family outing since Madelyn arrived. We took the girls to the cider mill, Emma was so excited! To our surprise there was pony rides there yesterday. Emma shocked us both and went on the pony all by herself (she is a big girl now that she is 3). It was the first day of there fall festival there so they had more stands than normal, we were sure to get some of there infamous apple fritters. If you've never had an apple fritter from here you must try one out, they take doughnuts to a new level! Emma also got to hold a baby chick and feed a pig. If you have little children you should certainly take them here for a fall adventure. Daddy took Emma through the pumpkin patch and she got to get three pumpkins becuase she is three now! It was a very fun family outing.