Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Summer Day

Ellen, who is one of Emma’s favorite cousins, was watching her for an hour this morning. One of Emma’s favorite things to do at the Waters house is pick carrots out of their vegetable garden. The Waters have an amazing vegetable garden, unlike the flop of one I attempted this year; I’ll have to get Aunt Susie’s help next year on mine. Here are some pictures of the fun filled hour she had with Ellie. Looking at these pictures makes me realize how time goes by so fast, I can’t believe she has learned to swim this summer! She is growing up way to fast. It makes me want to enjoy and treasure every special moment I have with her. I need to be continually reminded that she is what I am doing. Reading a story with her or listening to her tell me one is just as important as keeping my house in order. Besides with a girl like Emma, how could I not want to listen to her stories, she is such a lil character.

Standing in the garden with Karen.

She likes to wear her "romper"

Tastey Carrots!

Look at those baby blues!

"Look mommy, I just went under"

Notice how big the pool is?

Such a little fishy.

"I'm goin under again"

"1,2,3, plug your nose"

"WOOSH! I'm swimmn momma"


  1. Audrey really like to wear her "womper" (romper)as she calls it. She doesn't like when I have to take it off to wash it. Yes, we are blessed to not have to work outside of our home and get to enjoy our children. I need reminded all the time, too. I'm enjoying reading your blog and enjoyed the "One of ""those"" days"" post. The Lord places us in our vocation and there are so many opportunities to receive the forgiveness for our sins every day. Just wait, it seems like each child opens your eyes to see more sin. But that is good news! More forgiveness! Or maybe just a deeper realization of the forgiveness that has been there from the beginnning. I'm getting wordy:) Talk to you later.
    Bless you, Letha

  2. Hi neighbor - Leaving tomorrow and didn't get down to see you today. Love you and Bless you and we'll bring you back some wine from "wine country"
    Hang in there :) Love your blog it's the cutest one I've seen .....someday I'll get to making my own :)