Friday, October 15, 2010

A picture is worth 1,000 words

We have all heard the saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. Well this picture below brought so many things to my mind that I figured I would just say this about it. FORGIVENESS OPENS THE DOOR TO THE FUTURE. Where would I be without the blood of the lamb that covers and cleanses my sin. My girls bring so much joy into my life, more then words could explain. All I can say is God had way beyond what I could have ever imagined. What I meant for evil God meant for good. Well I will leave it at that and let you post what comes to your mind.


  1. I'm glad we have a God who doesn't always give us what we deserve and blesses us anyway. You are a blessed, fortunate and to be envied mama!

  2. Your Dad said the other week in church - When God says "repent" he is saying, "stop eating from that bucket of straw and come eat this feast I have set for you."
    So which one of us can boast about our repentance? Instead, we, like you, boast in the great mercy and kindness of our gracious father. You will be telling this story the rest of your life Molly - "Stop! and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me!"

    (by the way, nelle622 is Bethany Carpenter, I believe)

  3. Your post reminded me of a song: "Clean before my Lord I stand and me not one blemish does He see. When I placed all my burdens on Him, He washed them all from me." What glorious news for such poor miserable sinners as us - that He daily and richly forgives us! I too am blessed beyond words for you Molly.

  4. Emma looks like she's singing or just about to.
    I love it when my Little Ones squeeze me as tight as they can.
    It's so special. Only US MOMS can know that feeling.

  5. TRUE! Forgiveness sets me free to enjoy my Husband, Children and neighbors! This is a great picture Molly. We'll be seeing you

  6. I have looked at my children, my life, my friends and have thought the very same thing. Where would I be without the blood of the lamb that covers and cleanses ALL my sins. It reminds me of that scripture in Joel "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten" What a promise! We don't deserve an ounce of it, but He does it anyway! He delights in pouring out His blessings on His children. I am so thankful that with forgiveness I have a "future" with my husband, my children and my friends. I still have to practice that phrase over here "I'm sorry will you forgive me" Even that is a death because after you finally die and bring yourself to eak it out sometimes I follow it with OK now it's your turn..... :) Good thing we have friends that we can talk too!!
    Bless you and your wonderful children!