Monday, October 11, 2010

Moments with Maddie

Madelyn is such a joy in my life, I have been enjoying the past 3 weeks with her so much. Even though the nights can be very exhausting I am enjoying every moment with her. Sometimes she decides she wants to be wide awake in the middle of the night and I just sit there and stare into her beautiful blue eyes. I wish she could stay a newborn for much longer she will, babies grow up way to fast. This is why it’s so important to me to treasure every moment with her and try to remember that she is the most important thing I have to do at this time, as if it’s hard to spend time with such an adorable baby girl.

Maddie's feet are one of my favorite things to look at, I love how tiny her little toes are! It’s so sweet to watch Emma interact with her to. Sometimes she gets a lil carried away in her kisses for her baby sister or starts to help mommy a little too much, but still she is very sweet. I also enjoy bath time with Madelyn, it’s so cute to see their tiny little selves all naked. Most of all I love nursing her and having that special bonding time with her that nobody else can! Babies should always feel that closeness and warmth of their momma and know she isn’t goin anywhere and will always be there for them. God has truly blessed me beyond what I deserve.

My little sweetheart
Our Maddie girl

Her tiny feet in my hand!

We cant believe how much she looks like her cousin Ruby

This is her puppy from Grandma O'Connor


  1. Molly I love this post. It is so special that we get to enjoy our babies and be "home" for them and all of our children. It looks like you are enjoying her so much. It is really fun to see your children interact though too especially as they start to get a little bigger. Ean gets so excited when Ethan comes into the room, and that is so special to me to see how much he loves his big brother. But take it one moment at a time as that moment won't ever be back again. :-) Bless you!

    PS The first 2 pictures are starting to remind me of Emma's face, but I can definitely see Ruby in the rest of them.

  2. Wow! She's a cutie! I think it's amazing how they can look like so many of their relatives depending on the angle you view from - definately see Emma and Ruby.
    I have a "thing" about baby feet too. Everyone laughed when I carried a picture of Taylor Mahea's baby feet on my key chain for two years. :) What can I say, I'm a dedicated Aunt - no detail is too small for me to revel in :)
    Bless you and see you soon!!
    Sarah T.

  3. Very sweet pictures, Molly. Thanks for posting these. She's changing so fast. I should pop over on Thursday to see her and Emma. We are trying to make Thursdays our "Olympia Day". Yes, God has blessed us abundantly.
    Let me guess... is her favorite color pink???