Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dresses by BellaJean

Lately I ordered some very sweet vintage dress patterns for Emma. Victoria and Veronica, who are some of our good friends, have made Emma a couple different dresses. They also have been teaching Crystal, Emma’s cousin to sew. She made Emma the apple jumper for her birthday. We are very thankful and fortunate to have such sweet girls as our friends. Thank you Victoria and Veronica!

This dress is a mix, a vintage pattern with two coordinating corduroy fabrics.

Love her smile!

Sweet Emma

If you know Emma, this is such a typical face!

Emma has so much fun playing with her cousin Andrew!

She can almost play hopscotch


  1. I really like your new family picture! You all look radiant. Crystal did a great job on the dress for Emma. Veronica & Victoria are a blessing to us, too!

  2. Yes that is an Emma face. Very sweet, and I still can't believe what little persons her and Andrew are.

  3. Wow, nice work Chrystal! The jeggings go perfect with the dress, much nicer then tights : )

  4. Thanks for your inspiration behind all of the cute vintage clothing. Plus making the dresses gives us a chance to get to see you more often. We are blessed to be your friend.

    Ver and Vic