Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ginger it is!

So our puppy has arrived and her name is Ginger! at first Emma was calling her Sandy, but it just didn't suit her. She is just to royal and well bred for a name like that. She is a very playful li' pup as well as pretty smart, she already stays really close by our sides. Emma and Ginger have already bonded together and its so sweet to watch them play.

We are in full puppy mode at our house, potty training her, crate training and all the other things that come along with havin a new puppy. I'm hoping that all the scenes we are going through with her right now are going to pay off in the end and we are going to have a wonderfully trained family dog. Last night Emma and Jonathan gave Ginger her first bath, Emma thought this was the greatest! I am trying to keep my sanity after cleaning up all the messes. Besides you gotta have a dog growing up with your kids rite???... Its one of those great storge things that makes for good memories!

We are so excited for our new puppy!


  1. Very Sweet! We can't wait to meet her.

  2. Aw, very cute! It looks like Emma loves her already!

  3. That's sweet. Molly, it WILL be all worth the training- you'll be amazed how much dogs can learn with some discipline. If you have questions, I'm telling you, Pam K. is a master in dog training! My eyes boggle every time I see her with Kelly (their dog)- that dog is in awe of Pam, that's as it should be. See you soon,

  4. That's a great name! Looks like Emma really likes her!

  5. Very cute!! It will pay off in the end Molls but right now it feels like you have two babies right???? We got Kona when Kaylee was 2 months old and I know what you mean those first three months it was hard not to get overwhelmed - I don't know if it's quite like having twins but it's the closest I'll come :)

  6. Wow Molly what a cute puppy (they grow up though ;) Emma looks so happy
    Bless you today