Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maddie's Newest Tricks

Madelyn is now 5 months old, she is starting to do so many new things. Because of my surgery I wasn't able to nurse her very much so we introduced her to rice cereal and she loved it. I love how babies make such a mess with that stuff! There is a lil video of her eating on my video bar (which is on the left side of my blog). She is trying her hardest to learn to sit up, for now she is content grabbin her toys on her lil' toy gym. Most of all she is responding so much to her momma..:) I love it! when she is on the ground and i walk past she just undulates with happiness! The sweetest thing ever, it makes all the hard parts worth every bit of it. We are so blessed with the lil' bundle of joy!

Playin with her toys!

What blue eyes!

Happy girl..:)


  1. So sweet! Don't you just love watching her grow!

  2. What a nice girl, I am so glad you are enjoying her in all things. It's such a blessing that we can be restored to our vocations and ENJOY our children! Her smile is starting to remind me of Emma's :-)

  3. Too Cute!! Wow... shooting a video and feeding Maddie at the same time, I'm definitely impressed :) She is getting so big. I love how Emma is so excited for Maddie and keeps stroking her head. That is so sweet!!!

  4. Wow,
    I should try that with Evelyn...