Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Madelyn is 3 months old!

Today was Maddie's official 3 month birthday! I can’t believe what a smiley little girl she is. She is definitely starting to formulate opinions though; her most recent is wanting to be in daddy and mommy's bed at night. She is also such a spoiled little girl that when she is not being held she certainly voices her opinion. Despite the small trials she has already caused us, the joy she brings is so much greater! The Lord has truly blessed us with such a sweet little girl

Here she is almost laughing

Always smiling

So content


  1. My how she is growing! When I have my baby Maddie will be the big girl who shows her the ropes. :-) Those pictures remind me of how your dad always says to just sit and look at your baby. What could be nicer than that!
    Grace K

  2. Happy Birthday Maddie! from Auntie Kaylee & Isabella. We love you very much.

  3. WoW Three months already! We have such blessed, full lives - time flies!

    Eloise is lookin' forward to seeing Madelyn a lot on vacation. :-)

  4. wow, molls, she IS so sweet! Haven't held her since her first week home!! Maybe this week we can pop on over! I love you..marilyn