Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Are you tired of the same old dinner?

Lately I have been wanting to experiment and try out some new dinners. I have to consider that Jonathan really likes chicken so my selection had to be a chicken dinner, my first thought was boring, ughh chicken....:(Well to my surprise I found this great chicken parmesan recipe by Tyler Florence. If you watch the food network you know Tyler Florence's recipes always look amazing. So tonight I gave it a whirl, it was a great successes!! for some reason the chicken was so flavorful and moist (which is quite rare for chicken). Anyway I thought i'd share the recipe with you. The link to the food networks website is down below


  1. Thanks Mols. That's funny. I just tried a new Chicken Parmesan recipe last night, off the Pioneer Woman's website. It was really good. When John says it's good... you know it's good. (picky!)

  2. That looks good! I'll have to try it sometime, although Joe likes beef better than chicken. I'll look through the website you posted to get some ideas.
    Thanks, Grace K.

    (the video is adorable too!)