Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love for our little girl

So as some of you may have heard, our little cody was too late when he was crossing the street last thursday night. Emma was devastated and so was I, it wasn't so much my great love for cody but the fact that I knew it was gonna break Emmas heart once she found out. She didn't even realize it for a couple days, but when we told her it hit her very hard. She kept crying sayin "I miss my dog", ughh it was so sad. Jonathan couldn't help but comforting her by telling her she could get a new dog. If you know Emma you would have known how much she adored Cody, practically like a brother to her. Anyway to most people a dog is just a hassle but to Emma he was her playmate. So we have been searching all different types of family dogs such as saint benards, labs, rottweiler (yes they actually are known to be a great family watch dog!),and many other breeds. I like all the cute, little miniature ones but Jonathan says he will never own a "RAT"

We finally came across a rare but adorable breed, the Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever! Basically it's a smaller version of a golden retriever but with white markings, very adorable. She is the picture perfect puppy! So with much inspiration to cheer up Emmas spirit her daddy searched the internet till we found the winner. She is only 8 weeks old and wil be meeting our family on March 1, 2011. We would like your ideas on a name for her, Emma is very stuck on "sugar", Mommy and Daddy aren't to thrilled about that , one we have been considering Rusty, Sandy (becuase her coloring reminds of makena sand) and Ginger. We would love your help with coming up some creative names for our new lil pup!


  1. I am very happy for Emma that you're getting a new puppy. :-)

  2. So cute!!!:) I have to say Sandy is my favorite but here is a couple other suggestions:
    But whatever you name her I know it will suit her just fine.:)

  3. Aww, how cute, Emma must be so excited! When I first saw the picture before I even read about it, I was thinking she looked like a "Sandy" - so much for a "creative" idea from me :). Anyways, we are very glad for you that everything went well. Praise the Lord! Thanks, Paige

  4. omgoodness! poor Emma! i know how much she loved him! well, lets hope Maddy hurries up and grows up so they'll be besties. It was awesome when Judah was finally able to play with Alayna.
    how bout Tinkerbell?

  5. Molly, heres a link for really cute dog names!
    I'm so Happy for Emma!