Friday, November 5, 2010

Caramel Apples!!!

The other day I was watching the food network and saw Giada De Laurentis making caramel apples. This reminded me of the ones I have had from the Rocky Mountian Chocolate Factory. They are amazing covered in caramel, milk chocolate and white chocolate, so delicious! So tonight as a special project we attempted to make caramel apples like the ones from Rocky Mountain chocolate factory. Well ours were a far cry from those but we still had a great time doing it. We always have fun being with the waters daughters. Emma was more interested in just eating the caramel and putting sprinkles on them. We most definitely will be getting help from our friend Marie when we try to make them for thanksgiving

So it begins....

Everyone was gettin in on the action!

So deliscious! you have got to try the "tiger caramel apples" from Rocky Mountain

Silly girls


  1. I saw Alton Brown make them the other day and one tip he gave is first thing(after inserting the stick of course)to dip them very quickly in boiling water to remove the wax coating. This helps the carmel to stick better.

    AND next time you make them remember me!

  2. Those looks so yummy! Actually when we were in Ohio we went to the fair and they are famous for their "poor man caramel apples". They put a waffle cone shell in a bowl, cut the apple into small squares, next add hot caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, and lastly hot fudge. They are sooo yummy and easy to eat because the apple is cut up.