Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let it snow! Let it Snow!

What a wonderful surprise, having our first white blanket cover the ground! This is the first time Emma can actually play in the snow and have fun. She was playing till it got dark she enjoyed so much. At one point she reminded me of myself though, trying to situate her clothes so much and control the situation that she missed out on playing in the snow(ha,ha,ha). By the end of the night she came in to enjoy her cup of hot cocoa and sit cozy by the fire. I love making memories like these with her. I’m hoping we can make many more winter memories this week!

In the snow with Momma

Hot cocoa by the fire!


  1. I posted my shots of Daisy in the snow too.
    I have very fond memories of winter when we lived in Rhode Island and it would snow up to two feet and we would make huge igloos all day until we were practically frozen - then head inside for cocoa by the fireplace. Nothing like it!

  2. Very sweet! We're just across the street and at the other end of the field now, so even when we're 'snowbound' our families can play in the snow together! :-)

  3. It looks like Emma was havin so much fun! At the rate it keeps snowing we'll have lots by the end of the day. I might have to get done with my jobs early so I can have some fun with all the kids out in the snow!