Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life with Madelyn Adelle

I am finally getting around to posting more pictures of our sweet little bundle of joy, and our wonderful life with her. Words cannot express our happiness, so these pictures will have to do...

With my two girls!

Angel face

Emma and Madelyn

Grandma loves Madelyn

Grandpa loves Madelyn

Grandpa & Grandma, enjoying baby Madelyn

Daddy with his girls

Emma loves her new sister

It looks like Madelyn is enjoying this :)


  1. Little Maddie is so sweet and beautiful, and a wonderful addition to our family. Emma is a great big sister; I am sure Madelyn will never have a lack of people who love her.

  2. Very Very Cute pictures!! You and Jonathan are so blessed two beautiful girls!! I LOVE HER HAIR!!! How Cute :) Emma is a good big sister! Bonnie is right for the next few years you are going to have an unlimited supply of people wanting to hold her :)

  3. Those pictures are so sweet. Thanks for keeping us updated even though I am sure it is more difficult these days to find the time right? You are very blessed and we are blessed to be your friends and look forward to having our children grow up together. Bless you!

  4. Jesse says that no feeling compares to having your children fall asleep in your lap like the picture of Jonathan with his girls. You are truly blessed.