Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma Grace

Today is Emma's 3rd Birthday, it is amazing how fast time fly’s. I will never forget the special feeling when Jonathan and I brought our first, sweet baby girl home from the hospital. She was so small and beautiful, and every day she as she grows, she is more and more special to us. Emma Grace had her girl’s party this afternoon and tonight she had a party with her Grandparents, Daddy and I, and the Waters.

Emma's Birthday Breakfast
She got to wear her special 'twirl' dress

The girls party

Blowing out her candels

With cousins Jael and Karen
All the girls
Emma and Kaylee Scamman

The Krawczyk family at Emma's party


  1. Happy birthday Emma! from Nate & Louise.

    Molly - Emma looks so big now next to Madelyn (who I hope to meet in person soon!) Looking at your pictures of you & Jonathan with your children makes me so excited about my own baby. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Bless you!

  2. Happy Birthday Emma!
    From Nathan, Annie Rose, and Baby Elisabeth

    Bless you.

  3. Hey Louise, we r xcited and praying for you. Get lots of rest, we love u and Nate and can't wait for our children to meet eachother...bless u..:)

  4. Happy Birthday special girl, Emma! Uncle Daniel and I love you very much. Love, Auntie Kaylee

  5. Happy Birthday Emma Love Danielle Taylor from Portland