Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Surrounded by friends

Its amazing how our children are being born into a land flowing with "milk and honey" or in other words a land filled with life and friends! An example of that is the friends that they are born into having. By God's infinite grace and mercy I am great friends with Kaylee HIcks and so Madelyn and Isabella are receiving are relationship with each other that they had nothing to do with. Also in the last 2 weeks Madelyn and Emma have received a new little girl cousins on both sides of the family, Lily Anne and Hannah Grace They are so blessed to grow up with so many friends who are being raised in the same story as they are. There is a fight everyday to raise sweet, godly, young girls but I believe through having the friends I do, they will grow up as young virtuous women.

Madelyn (7 months) and Isabella (5 months)

3 Krawczyk girls: Madelyn, Hannah and Emma


  1. This is true. They are receiving an inheritance that will have to be fought for continually. But we are blessed to be caught up in it! We love you!

  2. Yes, it is the Lord's mercy that we can have friends. We deserve to be alone & condemned. He really does give us what we don't deserve.

    I really enjoy your blog. It's a hopeful reminder for me of what the Lord can do despite of us. What we meant for evil, God meant for good.